Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hidup berjauhan makin merenggangkan..
Selalu ku tinggalkan kau kesorangan..
Tak menyangkakan hatimu telah ku luka..
Ku takut hari depanku hilang arahnya..

Melepaskan semua..seperti yang kau pinta..
Tak mahu ku kehilangan cinta..

Maafkanlah..ku sekali ini..
Ku mohon sekali ini..
Kau menangis sedih...

Maafkanlah ku sekali ini..
Bukan ingin ku akhiri...
Teruslah merajai hati ini...

Monday, September 14, 2015


by - Spoken Word

listen to this, make me miss my mum more and more..
Mak, semoga Allah menempatkan mak di kalangan hambaNya yang disayangi.
Alfatihah untuk mak. 

To the woman that love me before I was born
To the woman that held my heart long before it had formed
To the woman who was left sleepless from dusk until dawn 

With weakness upon weakness for 9 months long 
Telling her self it would all be worth it she rest assured.
For when she finally made it through to that hospital ward.
It was love at first sight the second she saw me..

I mean, she's the type that would give up her only slippers just to make sure that my toes were warm.
see, she would always favour me despite the face she always needed it more
She would wake up early every single morn
to stand freezing in the cold, 
hanging up the clothes that we had worn
Standing at the stove for hours, cooking bowls of food we would swarm

And whenever we weren't home, he heart would be torn
I mean, she could never ever sleep when ever we were gone
She would stay up all night next to the phone although we would never call

So, she send me text messages " Please, i can't sleep, just let me know if your safe and secure. "

And, whenever i was sick she would always know what was the cure.
I mean, the love she gave me was the best medicine that was pure.
A prescription of tea, honey, hand made lemonade what more could I ask for.

Alhamdulillah,all praise due to the Lord
You did it all for me and not once ever expected a reward.

I mean, I still remember the night when I was small
I could never go to sleep until I'd call to you from out the bedroom door 

"Tuck me in kiss me please." 

and you would always be there for sure.

See, the love you gave to me for all these years its impossible to ignore
I love you Ya umaa and I'm sorry I've never told you all this before
I'm sorry for everything mum, I'm sorry for it all,

I'm sorry for leaving you as soon as you taught me how to crawl
I'm sorry for saying 'Uff' every time you would ask me to complete a simple chore
It doesn't make me less of man to give you a hand, whenever your arms get sore

I'm sorry again and again for all promises I fell short
And i'm sorry I can't give you the life you wish for
the car you dreamt of and countries you wish to explore.

But, most of all, I'm sorry for all the pain that I caused
For the nights you didn't sleep and for all the missed calls
For all the fights we had and for all those broken walls
the dirty room with the messy floors
And for the clothes that weren't packed back into the draws
And for all the sacrifices you made that I never once recalled 
Like when you became my mother, it meant that you had to move away from yours

I  know how much you love her, miss her and 
I know it cuts you deep like a sword 
But if it was up to me I'd let you see her whenever as much as I can afford
So, I promise to make it up to you and become the son you've always adored
From now on..

So, forgive me.. Forgive me for it all,
Forgive me for everything I've ever done
Ever since I was young, stupid and dumb, just looking to have fun..

Dear mum, I love you...
I love you ...
I promise to never put anybody else above you
And never let anybody come in between 
And even if I get married, I promise you will always be my queen.
Because there's no words in this world that can let you know how much you really mean to me.

Nor is there anyway in this world that I could ever repay you, 
so, instead I pray everyday for you.
that Allah shows mercy on you, the same way you had mercy on me.

And I had one last request for you before you leave. 

Since Allah swt put Paradise beneath your feet,Please ask Allah to let Paradise be the place where we finally meet.Amiin.. 

#DearMum | Spoken Word | Official Video

Saturday, September 12, 2015

WEEP FOR SYRIA أبكي على شــــام

#PrayforSyria #PrayforPalestin #PrayforRohingya #prayforAll


Last name bin Walid
First name Khalid
Sword of Allah buried in Homs
but his legacy still hasn't yet departed

Oh enemies of Allah

We are just getting started
blood, sweat and tears so glad tidings to all those who have been martyred
from Sheikh Mustapha to little Hamza.
from Halib to Hama
from Damascus to Daraa


in other words,

We will never ever surrender except to The One who created us from a single soul and fashioned us into skin and boned.

As we sit at home and watch a city turn into stone. 
As barrel bombs drop on top of Masjid (Mosque) domes, 
not sparing the young nor the old.

Look what you've done,
you sick disgusting twisted soul
you've turned the cities of Syria into the cities of Martyrs, 
orphaned children left without mothers and fathers
murdered children would begin to wonder where your heart is
you're disgrace to humanity just like your father!

Hama massacre your dads a fasiq bro
I'm just praying you better wake up before the angel of death grasps you
and there will no point of return
destine for hell fire
destine to burn 

So, what you gonna say to Allah when you line up
and its all of a sudden your turn..
and, its time to answer the questions 


You're a MURDERER!
Have you any heart?

Or is it because think that your on the same level of Allah
Astagfirullah (I seek God forgiveness)
May Allah guide you to Sirat alMustaqim (straight path)

And if Allah doesn't guides you
I pray that He deals with you rightly
For you're the new age oppressor
Modern day Firaun (Pharaoh)

Kids are left dying and you still fail to see what's wrong
I mean haven't you read the Quran
" We will preserve Firaun (Pharaoh) in body
So he can be the warning to all the other oppressors that come along"

But it's okay
I mean, it's only matter of time until you're gone

Cause we will free Sham
And we will free Damascus
It's the promise of Allah
So how do you plan to get pass this?

Or you're busy planning
Forgetting that victory only Allah grants this
As long as we remain patient

I mean we're safe protected by Allah for InnaAllah ma'assabireen (verily GOd is with the patient)
So you go ahead and hide behind different nations
But how are you gonna hide from The All Seeing
For Allah sees all and from His punishment
Aint nobody can intervene

I mean on the day of resurrection
Who could possibly save us

When Allah rolls up the heavens
And says
Where are the oppressors?
Where are the dictators?
Who is the Lord today?
and where are those who betrayed us?
Where are those who worshipped the tyrants?
And failed to praise us
Where are those who killed my worshippers?
Send them to hell!

I mean how you dare to disgrace us
I mean how can you compete against us believers

so how can we possibility be defeated?

I mean the blood of the martyrs
Is providing us all the fuel that is needed
So, you can go ahead and keep slaughtering
Happy that the believer are gonna be bleeding
But, we're gonna keep on praying to Allah
For verily with every hardship come easement

So, pray to be near to Allah
And know that Allah is gonna be close to your side
Make dua (supplication) against the enemies and know from Allah they can't hide

Keep praying to Allah
And know that victory is soon to arrive
And know that there's no difference between those who are dead and alive
Because the martyrs don't die
They're with Allah standing with honour and pride

_May Allah helps all of our brothers and sisters all over the world_
#PrayforSyria #PrayforPalestin #PrayforRohingya #prayforAll

Friday, September 11, 2015

49 Days OST - Can't let go (of you)

- Seo Young Eun

Korean Drama : 49 Days

Lyric : 

words are not coming out being choked up
staring at the sky for a long time while crying
trying to forget, please forget, alone
i'm telling myself to stop

feeling hurt, feeling frustated

i tell myself there is no more love for me
it's time to forget, please forget
i make a promise to myself but you remain in my heart

I won't be okay if you forget about me
maybe I will okay in a few days

For a long time, I fall asleep crying and smiling
i turn on the phone and turn it off again
like a fool, just a fool
it's been a couple of days like this

i think i will go crazy from missing you
i just want to forget, i think i will go crazy
just too difficult, very difficult
tears filling my eyes, obstructing the view
your figure is blurry now

Few days already, I cant sleep
Once again, I had to erase the thoughts of you
it will be alright, just few more days, then i will forget
like ice, my heart will melt

nothing will happen even when you forget me
it will be okay in a few days

For a long time, I fall asleep crying and smiling

calling out your name alone

like a fool, just a fool

it's been a few days like this

i think i will go crazy from missing you so much
i just want to forget, i think i will go crazy
just too difficult, very difficult
tears filling my eyes, obstructing the view
your figure is blurry

i even try to forget
why do i think it will be hard to stop
like a fool, just like a fool, i try to forget
i believe you will come back to me

Seo Young Eun ~Can't let go ( 49 Days OST)