Monday, September 14, 2015


by - Spoken Word

listen to this, make me miss my mum more and more..
Mak, semoga Allah menempatkan mak di kalangan hambaNya yang disayangi.
Alfatihah untuk mak. 

To the woman that love me before I was born
To the woman that held my heart long before it had formed
To the woman who was left sleepless from dusk until dawn 

With weakness upon weakness for 9 months long 
Telling her self it would all be worth it she rest assured.
For when she finally made it through to that hospital ward.
It was love at first sight the second she saw me..

I mean, she's the type that would give up her only slippers just to make sure that my toes were warm.
see, she would always favour me despite the face she always needed it more
She would wake up early every single morn
to stand freezing in the cold, 
hanging up the clothes that we had worn
Standing at the stove for hours, cooking bowls of food we would swarm

And whenever we weren't home, he heart would be torn
I mean, she could never ever sleep when ever we were gone
She would stay up all night next to the phone although we would never call

So, she send me text messages " Please, i can't sleep, just let me know if your safe and secure. "

And, whenever i was sick she would always know what was the cure.
I mean, the love she gave me was the best medicine that was pure.
A prescription of tea, honey, hand made lemonade what more could I ask for.

Alhamdulillah,all praise due to the Lord
You did it all for me and not once ever expected a reward.

I mean, I still remember the night when I was small
I could never go to sleep until I'd call to you from out the bedroom door 

"Tuck me in kiss me please." 

and you would always be there for sure.

See, the love you gave to me for all these years its impossible to ignore
I love you Ya umaa and I'm sorry I've never told you all this before
I'm sorry for everything mum, I'm sorry for it all,

I'm sorry for leaving you as soon as you taught me how to crawl
I'm sorry for saying 'Uff' every time you would ask me to complete a simple chore
It doesn't make me less of man to give you a hand, whenever your arms get sore

I'm sorry again and again for all promises I fell short
And i'm sorry I can't give you the life you wish for
the car you dreamt of and countries you wish to explore.

But, most of all, I'm sorry for all the pain that I caused
For the nights you didn't sleep and for all the missed calls
For all the fights we had and for all those broken walls
the dirty room with the messy floors
And for the clothes that weren't packed back into the draws
And for all the sacrifices you made that I never once recalled 
Like when you became my mother, it meant that you had to move away from yours

I  know how much you love her, miss her and 
I know it cuts you deep like a sword 
But if it was up to me I'd let you see her whenever as much as I can afford
So, I promise to make it up to you and become the son you've always adored
From now on..

So, forgive me.. Forgive me for it all,
Forgive me for everything I've ever done
Ever since I was young, stupid and dumb, just looking to have fun..

Dear mum, I love you...
I love you ...
I promise to never put anybody else above you
And never let anybody come in between 
And even if I get married, I promise you will always be my queen.
Because there's no words in this world that can let you know how much you really mean to me.

Nor is there anyway in this world that I could ever repay you, 
so, instead I pray everyday for you.
that Allah shows mercy on you, the same way you had mercy on me.

And I had one last request for you before you leave. 

Since Allah swt put Paradise beneath your feet,Please ask Allah to let Paradise be the place where we finally meet.Amiin.. 

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